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It’s time to get serious about race relations

It’s 2021, and I have yet to see an interracial lesbian scene with Victoria Cakes and Stassi Rossi. These two women represent big ass perfection  – one is chocolate and the other vanilla. Nothing would be better for race relations than seeing these two beauties in a hot, big ass lesbian scene! The synergy of two of the sexiest women in a single scene together would be unbeatable. Let’s see it now!

Report Illegal Porn

Dear Readers:

I just wanted to take this time to share a link where you can report illegal porn, should you ever come across any:

If you surf the web for adult content, it’s a good link to have. While I would make a practice of avoiding sites that use stealth redirects, every so often you may encounter exactly that. What I mean by a stealth redirect is when you are on, say, a gallery of older, full figured women (like my preference), and you click on a photo of an older, full figured woman, it takes you to a completely unrelated site which may or may not contain questionable content. In many cases, you may be directed to a completely different link by clicking on the same photo again. Or another thing you may encounter is one site causing other random sites to pop up.

This site uses no stealth redirects or random pop-ups. – Transgender Terry Fantasy Love Doll

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Grace King, The Fucking Best

Note: I have no website or other information to promote Grace King. I don’t know where she is or if she is still active in any way. If somehow she comes across this, I would love to help promote her in a way that she benefits from.

Grace King is an older, full figured woman, curved in the sexiest way possible: big floppy tits, wide hips, and a big ass! She has the hourglass figure! I’ve been masturbating to Grace since about the year 2000! Heaven would be having her smother me with her tits! Grace is truly worthy of worship, and my dream would be to have some steamy sex with Grace at her even riper age of today! Below are a few photos of Grace throughout the years. I will be adding many more galleries of Grace! She has appeared in several videos, some of which I link to below. LOVE GRACE! WORSHIP GRACE! And support by visiting our links, like of the Grace King videos above and below!

An Interview With HourglassMama

I came across the super sexy, fuller figured, big butt amateur internet model HourglassMama. She is shaped like an hourglass with some fine curves – a big ass and a big rack! I could masturbate to her all day, every day! She was kind enough to do an interview. Below is the transcript of our interview.

Q: Culture shaping institutions, like Hollywood and the mass media, have helped construct “social norms” when it comes to ideal body size and shape. I think these “social norms” have probably negatively impacted the self-esteem of fuller figured women like yourself, because many women have no sense of how good they look. I know for myself, I see real thin women as not attractive. My preference is somebody shaped just like you. My question for you is twofold. One, when did you embrace your figure, and become fully conscious of how good you look? Two, do you think most women your shape know and understand how many guys would prefer them to a thin woman?

A: I did not embrace my body until this past year. I actually have been dieting since I was 11 and decided as a New Year’s resolution that I was just done trying to force my body into a certain number that I felt was “the magic weight and size”. I decided to just intuitively eat and stop body shaming myself. I started my instagram to take pics regardless about how I was feeling (fat, bloated, thin, pretty) so I could compare them later. It was my way of giving myself a reality check.

No, I feel most woman my shape hate their body. I’m too short for this, too curvy for that, not big enough to be plus sized, and NOTHING clothes-wise fits. So it’s a constant reminder that My body is, well, wrong/deformed/out of proportion. (If I’m sad, that’s how I would explain it. Right now I’m happy, so I actually get angry at the clothing designers. Lol)

Q: I’m glad you embraced your body! You seem to have a sense of how good you look now. Are you married or in a serious relationship? If so, how does your significant other feel about your adult modeling?

When I see news stories about older men who prey on younger girls, like that big story about the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein, I do not understand it at all. I’m in my 40s now. As long as I can remember, I have always been attracted to older, fuller figured women. When I was a teenager, I always wanted to be with an older woman. In my lower 20’s, I became hooked on older, fuller figured women porn! I was masturbating to photos of fuller figured women in their 50’s! LOL. I like women with big asses, big tits. For the life of me, I don’t understand how anybody can even be attracted to somebody younger. I don’t mean to digress, but I share this because in many ways I count my orientation as a blessing. I mean there is obviously something different about those who have temptations like Epstein. I don’t understand how somebody could even have those temptations. For me, it’s fuller figure women all the way.

A: I’ve been married for 7 years. He’s the number one inspiration to accept and love my body. He had jealousy issues at first but he’s ok now.

Me too!! I’ve always loved curvy women, even women larger than me. Which made no sense considering the amount I was body shaming myself.

Q How far do you want to take your adult modeling? What do you hope to accomplish with your work? Where are you hoping it leads you? When you say you have loved curvy women, do you mean with a physical attraction? Are you attracted to women?

A: I’m just doing it for fun. I have no desire to do anything porn related. I got that out of my system 20 years ago.

Yes, I’ve been with more women than men.

You can find her Only Fans page by clicking here: