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Zebra Girls 005 – Daya Knight and Karla Kush

UPDATE: I published this post to Twitter. In breathtaking fashion, this post of mine was marked as “hate speech” by Twitter and restricted for that reason! Maybe Twitter can explain to the BBC I regularly worship how “hateful” I am with my hands and mouth to make him cum the way I did!

UPDATE: I shared this screenshot of Twitter flagging this post as “hate speech” with Karla Kush on Twitter! I thought Karla Kush might like to know that posts of HER WORK (NOT MY WORK, BUT HER WORK) and people SUPPORTING HER AND HER WORK are flagged by the AI algorithms of Twitter as “hate speech”. I literally shared this FACT with Karla Kush’s Twitter account. For which I was BLOCKED by Karla Kush, as if I had done something to her! Does she not stand by HER OWN WORK? Does she believe her work and celebrating her work is “hate speech”? Apparently so! Given her reaction towards me sharing this, I would be inclined to remove this gallery altogether, but I feel it useful to keep this post intact so people can see exactly what precipitated what. I must now issue a statement that Karla Kush DOES NOT LIKE HER OWN WORK! Or maybe she’s jealous that I get more BBC than she does!

I ESPECIALLY LOVE interracial lesbians! The more black and white women come together for sexual pleasure, the more that leaves BIG BLACK COCK to white guys, transvestites, and transsexuals. LEAVE ALL THAT BBC TO ME, LADIES! I’m privileged to be able to say there’s a BBC I take care of regularly. I just got to see my BBC a few days ago. He was the cameraman. When he showed up, I wasn’t finished getting ready, so I threw my wig on in a hurry and it ended up not on right, and I had to do my makeup in a hurry and it ended up cakey and making me looking older than I am. But aside from that, we both had a great time. He lasts a long time, which is so awesome because I get to play with his cock for a good 90 minutes or so before finally making him cum. Nothing is more enjoyable than stroking and sucking my BBC! The BEST sex position of all is getting a face full of BIG BLACK COCK! Here are a few photos of me and my BBC. XOXO, Crossdresser Marcy:

You go,  DAYA KNIGHT AND KARLA KUSH! INTERRACIAL LESBIANISM IS THE BEST……..FOR EVERYBODY ELSE WHO DESIRES BIG BLACK COCK! 004 – Victoria Cakes, Jayden Starr, and Lexi Lore 003 – Victoria Cakes, Jayden Starr, and Lexi Lore 002 – Victoria Cakes, Jayden Starr, and Kenzie Reeves 001 – Victoria Cakes, Jayden Starr, and Kenzie Reeves