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Grace King, The Fucking Best

Note: I have no website or other information to promote Grace King. I don’t know where she is or if she is still active in any way. If somehow she comes across this, I would love to help promote her in a way that she benefits from.

Grace King is an older, full figured woman, curved in the sexiest way possible: big floppy tits, wide hips, and a big ass! She has the hourglass figure! I’ve been masturbating to Grace since about the year 2000! Heaven would be having her smother me with her tits! Grace is truly worthy of worship, and my dream would be to have some steamy sex with Grace at her even riper age of today! Below are a few photos of Grace throughout the years. I will be adding many more galleries of Grace! She has appeared in several videos, some of which I link to below. LOVE GRACE! WORSHIP GRACE! And support by visiting our links, like of the Grace King videos above and below!